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Are your old hairtools just not cutting it? Worry not! ShearCraft has you covered for all the great products hairdressers love!
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ShearCraft Napron Brush's
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ShearCraft Napron Brush's

All brushes made with Japanese boar bristle material for shine and volume.
ShearCraft Shear Oil
Keep those shears performing

ShearCraft Shear Oil

Your shears will thank you and you will feel the difference in every haircut!
BW Carbon 285
An old favorite

BW Carbon 285

Strong and durable this heat resistant comb will work for you all throughout the work day.

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Your job is hard and stressful enough, we get it!

Why not have dependable shears that cut precisely the way you need them to? All of our shears are handmade in Japan with 100% real Japanese steel. We offer a wide range of shears, each guaranteed with their own lifetime warranty.