Date Night Hair for the Romantic

Date Night Hair for the Romantic

Feb 14, 2016Hailey Way

Valentine’s Day is here! Or "Galentine’s Day", whichever holiday you celebrate, there’s always another excuse to get dressed up to go out with your girlfriends or on a hot date.

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite romantic hairstyles to give you some ideas for a fun Sunday night out on the town or a candlelight dinner for two. 

Braided Tiara


This look is easily achievable if you already have thick and cooperative hair. Instead of using all of your hair for the braid crown, only use a portion of your top layer. For the rest of the hair, use your favorite method of curling. It can be with a flat iron to get ringlets or a two-inch barrel curling iron and tons of mousse or hairspray.

Knotted Updo

To achieve this adorable romantic updo, separate hair into two sections and put into ponytails. Tease the hair, so that it looks more wispy and whimsical. Long story short, knot little locks of the top layers of hair to achieve a chain pattern. Lead the chain pattern to the knotted bun and pin accordingly. This look can be achieved with the use of hair elastics, bobby pins, or any other products.

French Twist

A very popular hairstyle in the 1950s and 60s and a common prom up do, the French twist is not just for bridal occasions. A French Twist is a classy traditional look for any outing. This look is perfect for those want to show off their neckline and why not on a date night! Mess it up a little bit for a more casual look. Pair with a cute barrette or clip in the groove of the twist and your set!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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