Interview | Brandon Lundby of BCL Photography

Interview | Brandon Lundby of BCL Photography

Jan 15, 2015Roisin Crowe
We're lucky that Las Vegas photographer Brandon Lundby has graced ShearCraft's website with his brilliant work.  And we're struck with his level of talent and attention to detail at such a young age - he's only 21!  We caught up with him to find out a bit about him and his creative process. 

You've definitely transcended the Las Vegas aesthetic. Are you really from here?
Brandon: Yes I am. I was actually born in the Midwest and came here one year after, so I definitely consider myself to be born and raised.

And you're entirely self taught?
Brandon: I am self taught. My interest for fashion and beauty photography peaked shortly after I began modeling. I then studied photography through books and websites.

I can't believe how young you are. How long have you been taking photos?
Brandon: I've been photographing for about 5 years now. I first started with landscape/film photography.

How would you describe your style?
Brandon: I would describe my style as classic, eclectic, conceptual, and maybe even slightly creepy. I always try to tell a story with my photos. If there isn't anything deeper than a girl in a dress, then it's just a snapshot to me.

Who or what inspires you most?
I can't quite pinpoint what inspires me. My concepts and ideas always come from nowhere in my head; I just think of them unwillingly. Of course all of the top fashions and top fashion photographers inspire me, but not nearly as much as my own thoughts. I love seeing my thoughts come alive through photography.

That sounds spiritual to me - the idea of drawing creativity from a place of "no mind" or mushin in Zen Buddhism. If you could photograph anyone, living or passed, who would you choose and why?
Brandon: I would really enjoy photographing Edith Piaf. I admire a model who can really emote; of course with a model it is acting. Photographing someone who has been through a real tragedy would be a new experience for me, and I'd love to maybe see that raw emotion. If anyone could give me raw emotion I feel that she could, as she did every time she sang.

That is brilliant. What is the best way that people can get in contact with you for your rates and availability?
Brandon: The best way to contact me is via e-mail at


His Website   |   His Facebook

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