To Shave, or Not to Shave! That is the question...

To Shave, or Not to Shave! That is the question...

Dec 27, 2015Roisin Crowe

Rumor has it the hipster beard, mountain man, or burly bear beard is dead. The proof isn’t in the lack of hair walking the streets, so we decided to address the so-­called beard graveyard. Other style sources, like Mashable, Men's Journal and even the Business Insider, say: it's time to shave, guys!

Once considered the ultimate sign of manliness, facial hair has a history as long as Russian mystic, Rasputin. Cavemen didn't have razors, so what's your excuse? But not so fast.....manly is subjective to all ladies and gents alike!

Do you really want Ragnar to shave?

Just because clean­ shaven is the new black doesn't mean you have to follow the herd. There are so many factors into why beards stick around. Facial shape can affect the beard­ growth consideration.

Men with baby faces tend to keep a simple beard that frames the face and jawline. Others may take the demand from “some” women for a clean shaven face, or allow stubble for that sexy five-o-­clock shadow. As for us, we’re certain it’s indefinitely not over yet.

Alas, if Joel says so, it must be true. Joel Alexander, blogger and fashion model, has a huge cult following for his famous bushy beard and he declares “the big beard trend is over and done”. His freshly shaven face is proof he put his money where his beard was. But, ladies (and guys)... did you like his decision?

Before and After Shave: Joel Alexander 

Joel Alexander with his luscious beard.

Joel Alexander smooth and clean shaven.

Whatever your decision, bear whiskers or after­shave smooth, groomed is the new facial hair fashion. What do you think?

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  • sometimes i shave sometimes i dont it deends of my mood

  • she makes a pretty girl

  • Laughable. And dead wrong. The razor is all but extinct.

    Bill A

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