Jatai Lucky Grip Clips

Finally... a hair clip that grips! Today is your 'lucky' day because these clips grip while you clip. Introducing Lucky Grip Clips, the hair clip made for the hairdresser. Why spend your precious money on clips that don't hold thick hair only to never use them again. Use clips that have a strong hold no matter what thickness the hair is.

Lucky Grip Clips are made of a strong plastic resin that holds its shape and will not bow when holding thick hair. The strong grip is achieved using a large gage spring wire. This wire loops the upper and bottom jaw to give an even and consistent pressure for a sure grip. Finally, the upper jaws have teeth that grab and hold the hair in place. Use clips that work! Use Grip Clips!

Grip Clips come in a black, red and pink glossy enamel finish.

Sold in packs of six.