ARC Scissors Sharpening Service

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We will sharpen any shears back to factory specifications or better - guaranteed.  Use the Additional comments field on the checkout page to let us know if you have any specific issues with your shears that you'd like us to address.


After you've placed your sharpening order, IT CAN TAKE UP TO 2 BUSINESS DAYS TO RECEIVE YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND PRE-PAID UPS LABEL.  Please keep this in mind when ordering over a weekend.                      We appreciate your patience.  We try to have your shears back to you within 7-10 days after we receive them.

Step 1: Print pre-paid UPS label from your email that ShearCraft sends you.

Step 2: Use a box (not an envelope) to ship your shears.  We are not responsible for shears that are shipped in an envelope as they can tear and fall out.  Wrap your shears in bubble wrap or a towel for protection. Please make sure your box does not exceed 1 pound.  

Step 3: Wrap your shears in bubble wrap or paper towels to protect them.  Close the box and secure with packaging tape.  Send your shears only.  Do not send in a case or box of any kind.  It will not be returned to you.  
Step 4:  Tape the UPS label to the front of the box.  Drop off at any UPS store and ask for a drop off receipt for your records. 
Questions?  email us at or call 888-517-3806

Questions about financing?
Don't hesistate to call us at 1-888-517-3806 or shoot an email to

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