ShearCraft Shear Oil

Breathe new life into your warn shears! Our vanilla-scented shear oil will remove all that old dried up hair, after a long week of hairstyling. While your cleaning your shears, you'll also be lubricating them for peak cutting performance. 

Key Features

  • Ultra high performance: Our oil lubricates your shears for better usage throughout your week. Shear oil is often used 1-2 per week depending on the stylist. 
  • Pleasant Aroma: Vanilla scented oil that perfectly masks the unpleasant smell that other major shear oils have 
  • Precision Oil Tip: Precision oil tip that helps lubricate shears evenly and avoid unwanted spillage
  • Long Lasting: Our shear oil pens hold plenty of oil for maximum usage

Whether your straight out of hair school or have been cutting hair for over 20 years, our shear oil will work overtime for you and your shears for the perfect blend of cleanliness and function!